Front End Web Development

Spark Boulder, Summer 2017

Session 9: Insurrection

Client Project Show-and-Tell, Lab session

We're at the halfway point!

Hooray! 🎆 🍻

More Dumb Fun Web Stuff

The TSA contracted with IBM to build a "Randomizer" iPad app that randomly directed people into left or right lanes

Here's the app in action.

Anyone want to guess how much it cost?

Client Projects!

Anybody want to show off what they've got so far, or any kind of progress they've made?

Anyone want to show off what client they're working with?

Coin Flipping App Project Kickoff

For your third project, I'd like you to create an app that flips a coin and records the results!

I'd like for you to create a page with two buttons: "Flip coin" and "Reset". Every time you click the "Flip coin" button, your page writes either a "Heads" or "Tails" to the page. Every time you click the "Flip coin" button, the old results stick around, so eventually you'll have a big long list of "Heads" and "Tails".

If you click the "Reset" button, it should clear out all the previous results, and allow you to click the "Flip coin" button for more results.

I should also mention, there should be a 50/50 chance for heads/tails :)

A couple things:

For more info on the project, check out readings 14 and assignment 14.

Hang on!

We haven't learned how to use JavaScript yet, which is required for this project.

Over the next 5 sessions, we'll be learning all about JavaScript!

However, if you want to get started right away...

Here's a couple things that might help you on your epic Coin Flipping App journey:

Other project notes

That's all I've got for today!

What questions are there?

How to be a Web Developer

Excelsior! 🚀