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Assignment 9

Project 2: Client Project

For your second project, I'd like you to work with a client to build something web-dev related for them!

The scope of your project is really up to you. I'd recommend building some kind of landing page or marketing site for the client - HTML, CSS, text, images, links, everything.

If the client wants you to improve on an existing site, it's possible, but I'd be careful - monkeying around with prepackaged Wordpress/Squarespace themes is a pretty easy way to get a headache.

If you've already got a client, great! If you need a client, I'd recommend first reaching out to @dannywalsh on Slack, and if you still can't find anyone, you can try emailing some of the folks listed on readings 9.

A couple things:


Q: Do they have to pay me?

A: Nope! They don't have to. Part of the class work and all.

Q: Are they allowed to pay me?

A: Of course! (but make sure it's a small amount, otherwise you'll have to sign paperwork and stuff)

Q: What if I can't get it done in time for session 9?

A: I don't expect this to be completely done by Session 9! Your clients will likely be finnicky and temperamental, and delays in projects happen. Submit your site whenever it's all done, hopefully by the end of the class.

Q: Does the client have to use what I make?

A: Nope - the client is under no obligation to publicly use your work. If they would like to, they totally can!