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Assignment 2

For this assignment, create a page with some specific HTML elements on it.

There's only one way to find out exactly what tags you need: submit the assignment!

It's completely fine to submit a completely blank site, and then continue resubmitting it as you complete the requirements.

First, create a page on your site44 site, like assignment2.html. You don't have to put anything in it yet!

Then, submit the assignment by running submit 2 my-awesome-site.site44.com/assignment2.html (or whatever URL ) on your DM with @classbot on Slack.

Have a look at all of the tests that were run - the ones with green checkmarks passed, and the ones with red X's failed. Be sure to click on the "Show more" link!

Update your site, make sure it syncs up to site44, and submit again!

(Instead of giving you all the tags you need right away, we use this method to encourage you to be iterative and investigative. We want you to submit the smallest possible solution, and iterate on it until you've got 100%. Hooray!)